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See the Check-Up Process at Our Dentistry in Keller TX with Dr. Patel

1. We are looking at more than your teeth!

The team here at Esthetique Dental spends a lot of time on your teeth, but we will also be checking your gums and tongue for signs on symptoms relating to your overall health.


A brown, gray, or otherwise discolored tongue can indicate problems with digestion. * A yellow or green tongue may indicate liver issues.* If we see something that seems off, we will discuss it with you further.


(This is NOT medical advice, please see your GP if you experience these symptoms.)


2. It is extremely dark in your mouth!

You, hopefully, spend some time each day brushing and flossing your teeth. You may wonder how a discolored tongue, bleeding gum, or large cavity can go unnoticed, but your mouth is a dark place! You may not notice these abnormalities with just your bathroom light, which is why a dentist uses a bright light and keeps the office well lit. The bright light also allows Dr. Darshan Patel to identify areas of early decay, which may not show up on an X-Ray.


3. We also check for cancer.

Has Dr. Patel ever held your tongue, and turned it over? This has nothing to do with your teeth! When we do this, we are checking for signs and symptoms or oral cancer – one of the most dangerous forms of cancer.


4.The Toothbrush

The toothbrush you receive at the end of each visit isn’t a parting gift (though we do miss you when you leave!) We give you a new toothbrush as a reminder to change your toothbrush, as it should be replaced every 3-4 months. We give you a toothbrush as a reminder to throw away your old one!


Looking for more dental tips? Contact our office or make an appointment online!


Dr. Darshan Patel and the entire staff at our dentistry in Keller TX, Esthetique Dental, look forward to seeing you!