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Dentist in Keller TX Shares Natural Teeth Whiteners

Your dentist in Keller TX has had many patients complain about the color of their teeth. Unfortunately, some of them have tried teeth whitening procedures and their teeth were still not as white as they would like. Others couldn’t afford teeth whitening procedures.


If you wish for whiter teeth, your dentist in Keller TX recommends consuming some of the following foods. These foods have a tendency to naturally whiten your teeth:


1. Celery:


Celery requires a lot of chewing, which in turn produces saliva. Saliva is a great way to help prevent cavities and dental plaque buildup. Additionally, due to the surface, it naturally massages the gums and cleans the surface and between teeth.


2. Strawberries:


You dentist in Keller TX recommends snacking on strawberries. Strawberries contain an enzyme that naturally whitens your teeth. If you don’t like strawberries, mash up a large one and rub it along your teeth, and rinse after a minute or so.


3. Sesame Seeds:


Sesame seeds and other primitive foods naturally help to scrape plaque off of our teeth. They also are high in calcium and calcium can help to strengthen your teeth and surrounding bone!


4. Cheese:


According to your dentist in Keller TX, cheese can help to balance pH levels in your mouth. Acidic pH levels can encourage the growth of bacteria. It can also help to rebuild the enamel and produce saliva.


5. Green Tea:


You should try to drink a cup or 2 of green tea day. Green tea contains substances, known as Catechins, which kill bacteria in your mouth. It not only helps to clean your teeth, but it can help to freshen your breath as well.


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