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Technology and Growth of Dental Implants in Keller TX

Technology is an all-consuming, all-surrounding phenomenon that affects every person alike, every single day. Rather it is what is in our pockets, how we get to work, what we read our blogs on or what is in our mouths, the shape of technology changes rapidly. We live in a world where if you do not adapt, you will quickly be left behind. Not only are dental implants in Keller TX a growingly more popular and stable solution to tooth loss here, but worldwide…and we are ahead of the curve.


In many cases where dentures would have once been prescribed as a solution for tooth loss, the technological advancement of implants have made them a premium choice.


Titanium is at the root, literally, of most, if not all of this growth in implant popularity. Its flexible, super-strong and non-adverse nature allow it to be bonded to bone successfully in a majority of patients. The implant procedure can be performed in most any office, usually within three steps.


A dental surgeon will first replace your root with a titanium implant that stays under the gum line until the gums heal. After some healing is accomplished, a bit of overlaying gum tissue will be removed, allowing the implant to stick out. Following this, the surgeon will attach a post to the implant and let the gums heal around it. Lastly, a fabricated, permanent replacement tooth is attached to the post.


It is the natural feeling, high success rate and realistic ability for titanium to bond to bone and tissue that is leading so many patients to choose dental implants in Keller TX.


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