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Taking Care of Dental Implants in Keller TX

When a patient considers dental implants, they often worry that the implants will require special care. While caring for the implants properly is very important, most patients find their implants very easy to care for.


To reach the full lifespan of your dental implants, it is important to start caring for them as soon as you get home! Here are just a few tips from our Keller TX implant dentist, Dr. Darshan Patel:


• Stick to a softer diet the first few weeks after surgery.

• Don’t smoke after receiving dental implants (*we recommend never smoking for optimal oral health!)

• Brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. Brushing and flossing is crucial to preventing oral bacteria buildup that can damage the gums and underlying bone, which can cause issues with your implants.

• Continue seeing Dr. Patel every six months or as recommended.


Dental Implants only require small adjustments to your normal oral health care routine, but the benefits far outweigh the maintenance.


If you are considering dental implants in Keller TX, or looking for more information, contact Dr. Darshan Patel today at (817) 741-1240 to make an appointment!