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76248 Dentists Advise on Proper Brushing Technique

You don’t need to brush all of your teeth—just the ones you want to keep! Your 76248 dentist, Dr. Patel, want to take his patients back to the basics. Without the proper basic knowledge, patients are more likely to have cavities and other severe oral issues.


The first, and most important step towards healthy teeth is to brush and floss twice daily. This will remove and sugar and plaque stuck on and in between your teeth. By removing the plaque, you will be less likely to develop cavities and other dental issues. It can also decrease your likelihood of being diagnosed with periodontal disease later in life. After each meal, rinse out your mouth with water. This will also help to maintain a healthy, clean mouth.


Be sure to visit our 76248 dentist at Esthetique dental every 6 months. This will allow Dr. Patel to detect any possible issues early on. It is always better to detect cavities and other dental problems as early as possible. It will save you money on future expensive procedures, and will help you to keep your teeth healthy for life.


If you need a 76248 dentist, call Dr. Patel at 817-741-1240 to make an appointment. Esthetique Dental provides patients with a warm, welcoming, and caring environment, so be sure to stop in every 6 months!