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Our Keller TX Dentist Advises on Bite Complications

We know how common it is for people to accidentally bite their tongue and/or cheeks. Although this is normally something not to be concerned about, if you keep accidentally biting the same area over and over again, it is time to visit our dentist in Keller TX.


Once bitten, the area tends to become swollen. This increases the likelihood that you will accidentally bite down on the same area again. Our cheeks and tongue keep food in our mouth while chewing, and they are vital for out speaking, eating, and other abilities. They may get in the way sometimes, but if they are constantly getting in the way, this could be because of the way your jaw is aligned.


Come into Esthetique Dental and have Dr. Patel take a look at the way in which your upper and lower jaws come together. If he finds that the position of your teeth appears as normal, he may try to file down your teeth in order to resolve the problem. Over time, the teeth can become sharp, and this can injure the cheeks and tongue; the best solution for this problem is to reshape the tooth and file it down.


If this keeps happening to you but it doesn’t bother you, it is still important to visit Dr. Patel. If left untreated, problems can occur later down the line; your teeth can chip and/or fracture. You will also increase the likelihood of developing tumorous growths in your mouth.


If you continuously bite down on your cheeks and/or tongue, don’t hesitate. Call our dentist in Keller TX at 817-741-1240 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.