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Our Dentist in Keller Warns Against Bottled Water due to Tooth Decay

You may have heard Dr. Patel, our dentist in Keller, mention fluoride in the past regarding its anti-cavity benefits.  What you may not know is that bottled water does not have any fluoride in it, unlike much of the public water supply. Since 1964, fluoride has been added to the public water supply to help curb tooth decay in children that were drinking tap water.


Today, many teens and children get their water from water coolers, water bottles, or other filtered water sources. By skipping the tap water, children are also skipping out on the health benefits of fluoridated water.


Nationwide, government officials and dentists have seen an increase in childhood caries and teen cavities, and are looking at bottled water as the source. Studies suggest that parents provide their children with tap water, to help supplement their fluoride intake.


Additionally, using fluoridated toothpaste and receiving fluoride treatment at the dentist every 6 months will help to protect your teeth.


If your child has been missing out on fluoride, it is especially important that you keep their 6 month dental appointments with our dentist in Keller, Dr. Darshan Patel. To schedule an appointment for your child, call (817) 741-1240.