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Our Family Dentists in Keller TX Share the Importance of a Child's Healthy Smile

Children are always taught that they should brush their teeth on a day-to-day basis; however, are they taught why it is so important? Many adults, as well as their children, are unaware of how badly it could impact their lives if they don’t have good dental hygiene tactics. Thankfully, with the help of our family dentists in Keller TX, we're here to help.


Children with healthier teeth tend to be more confident. Without adequate dental care, children can get cavities, as well as develop gingivitis. Cavities are caused by bacteria. No one wants bacteria in their mouth! These bacteria are attracted to sugar that is attached to the teeth, also known as plaque. By consistently brushing your teeth you can help to avoid cavities, as well as problems with your teeth as you get older. 


Increase your child’s confidence with healthy and beautiful teeth. Healthy teeth can help your child to chew certain foods that encourage positive growth rates, and keep children healthy and strong. They can also help to ensure a child’s ability to speak clearly and effectively. Help your child to avoid Gingivitis in the future, and make sure to teach them good brushing habits and techniques!


At Esthetique Dental, adults and children can acquire the skills needed to maintain healthy teeth with the help of our family dentists in Keller TX. There are a variety of different procedures and opportunities that can be utilized as a kick-start for healthy teeth. Get happy and healthy by calling Dr. Darshan Patel at (817) 741-1240 or click here to make an appointment online!