Tips for dealing with Dental Emergencies | Family Dentist in Keller TX

Tips for Dealing with Common Dental Emergencies by your Family Dentist in Keller TX

There are two options in dealing with dental emergencies: going to the emergency room or calling your Family Dentist in Keller TX. The latter is preferable because you can get immediate advice on how to prevent further damage. However, not all situations are ideal, and it might not be possible to get hold of your dentist at that point. For that reason, it is important to know how to deal with the common dental emergencies involving the dental system. 



Debris or food lodged in or around a tooth causes severe pain. Floss gently if this is the case. Rinsing should be done using warm water. For inflamed area, cold compresses may be applied. However, this should be on the outer part of the cheek. Topical analgesics should not be applied directly to the gums or teeth.


Picking tooth using sharp items to dislodge the objects stuck is not advisable. The gum is likely to get damaged in the process. If the item does not come off after flossing, then you should call your Family Dentist in Keller TX.


Chipped or cracked tooth

The affected areas ought to be cleaned with warm water. If the tooth pieces are salvageable, they should be saved. A gauze can be used to stop bleeding if any.


Knocked out tooth

Rinse the root using warm water in the event of a knocked out tooth. However, take care not to disturb tissue fragments. The tooth should be placed in the area it was at before. If not possible, place the tooth in salty water or milk. It is meant to preserve it until a dentist does a permanent replacement. Nonetheless, this depends on how soon you get medical attention. There are high chances of success if the replacement is done within an hour.


Lost filling

Losing tooth filling is a painful ordeal. You should place over the counter dental cement where the filling was until you get to the dentist. Sugarless gum is convenient where dental cement is not available. However, gums which have sugar will cause pain. Do not use them.


Contact your Family Dentist in Keller TX immediately if you experience any of the above mentioned dental issues.