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Family Dentists in Keller TX discuss what you need to know about Overbite Corrections

Overbite is a condition which makes your upper jaw overlap with your lower jaw. This will cause an extra space between the lower and upper jaw when the mouth is closed. This can be an aesthetic problem, and this can also cause serious respiratory diseases.

There are two types of overbites; we have dental and skeletal overbite. Dental overbites are the protrusions of the teeth caused by teeth growing in the upper jaw. Skeletal overbite is caused by the protrusion of the maxilla in the upper jaw.

These overbites can be corrected with overbites correction procedures. Here are some of the correctional procedures:

Jaw Surgery for Overbites

Jaw surgery is often required for skeletal overbites. The upper jaw bone must be treated through surgery. The surgery will reposition the maxilla through pulling the maxilla forward. This is to make the maxilla retrude from its original position.  Before the surgery, patients have to undergo a series of tests. It includes X-Rays which will help in the visualization of both lower and upper jaw bone.

Correctional races

Correctional braces are often done for dental overbites. This is a non-surgical procedure. This overbite correctional procedure is made for dental overbites and dental malocclusion. The goal of the treatment is to pull back the upper front teeth. In this case, the protrusion in the upper front teeth is caused by the teeth crowding some of the other teeth that need to be removed. It helps provide space for the upper teeth to go to its desired position. There are different types of dental braces that can be applied to cure dental overbites. Correctional braces are often suggested by the dentist depending on the severity of the overbite.


Overbites are not simple dental problems. It is very important that we seek professional help if we have this type of problem. Dental overbites can lead to serious respiratory disease if not treated properly.  Proper care does not only lessen health risks, but it also helps you build your self-confidence further.