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Dentist in Keller TX on What Not to Sip On

Though they are often a go-to for their sweeter taste, convenience and sometimes, perceived benefits, sugary drinks affect almost every patient seen by your dentist in Keller TX. While in our office we do all we can to help maintain or rescue your brilliant smile from these beverages, daily prevention and awareness are needed to help you from going down a harmful road. Today, we have provided some information on sugary beverages of all varieties in order to help keep you educated on their detrimental results.


First, let us look at how these drinks affect the teeth. From soda to sports drinks, flavored waters to energy drinks and beyond- sugar is often a hefty ingredient in all of above. It is not uncommon to see multiple tablespoons, way higher than one’s recommended daily intake of sugar, within a single soft drink can. By drinking water after or cleaning your teeth right away you can help eliminate some of the residue, sugar is not the only cavity causing culprit. While these sugars can feed the bacteria clinging to your teeth and cause cavities, the acid levels in the drinks can also wear away enamel, leaving you exposed. Although they have different means, both sugar and acids can equally be as decaying and harmful, and are both conveniently available in single serving cans with the flavor of your choosing.


With relation to the contents, we often see how some sugary drinks choose not to promote themselves to be, because, well, why would they if they could avoid it? Sports drinks and juices especially like to provide you with all the nutrients and supplements they can empower you with in a single glass, but fail to mention their effect on your teeth.


Just because they are sold as being healthy, does not mean they always are. Take diet soda as an example of this. While it uses artificial sweetener instead of real sugar, the levels of acid are just as high and detrimental. Take a look at the back labels of all your drinks to see how healthy they really are, despite what the commercial states.


Your dentist in Keller TX has unfortunately seen the adverse effect of sugary drinks on teeth for years and hopes that you can make the proper choices for the benefit of your teeth the next time you grab a can or bottle out of the refrigerator. If these drinks have gotten the best of your teeth, or you wish for more information on them, please call us today at (817) 741- 1240.