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Our Keller TX Dentist Helps Expecting Mothers Maintain a Healthy Smile

Our dentist in Keller TX, Dr. Patel, wants to clear up any myths about dental health during pregnancy. Getting pregnant will not cause you to have permanent damage on your teeth and gums. It won’t result in calcium loss from the teeth, and, most importantly, being pregnant won’t result in tooth loss for the baby.


Just because there are myths doesn’t meant that it can’t or won’t happen. These myths just stress the importance of maintaining adequate oral hygiene, especially when pregnant. Pregnant women are more prone to tooth erosion as a result of morning sickness. Being pregnant can also increase the likelihood of dry mouth, which can lead to gum disease (also known as pregnancy gingivitis). 


If pregnant, you are eating for two, which means you are eating more, and may have more cravings for sugary foods. This increase in consumption of sugary foods can have a negative impact on your oral health. Teeth in pregnant women are especially prone to cavities, and other oral issues, when they have a sugary snack before bed and don’t brush. Avoiding brushing due to morning sickness can also have harmful effects on the mouth.


Being pregnant can also have an effect on your saliva flow. It can cause dry mouth, which can lead to gum recession. There are ways to avoid this: drink plenty or water, chew sugar-free gum, and use fluoride mouthwashes.


Healthy teeth in pregnant women is possible with adequate oral hygiene. Talk to our dentist in Keller TX, Dr. Patel, if you are pregnant and concerned about your oral health. Call 817-741-1240 to make an appointment at Esthetique Dental today!