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Keller TX Dentist Helps Fight Dental Caries

As a Keller TX Dentist, Dr. Patel knows that dental caries and cavities are a big issue amongst America’s young. It is important to teach your children good oral hygiene habits at a young age so that they will carry them on throughout adulthood as well.


How can you prevent dental caries?


There are quite a few ways to prevent and decrease the likelihood of dental caries. Fluoride is a great way to help fight off dental carries. Your Keller TX Dentist recommends purchasing toothpastes that contain fluoride and drink plenty of fluoridated water.


Fluoride helps because it slows down the process of decay. It can also help to heal and restore some of the lost calcium. Fluoride first become introduces as a cavity fighting substance in the mid 1960’s, and now, most toothpaste has it.


Another way to help prevent dental caries is to avoid frequent consumption of sugars. The bacteria that cause dental caries feed off of sugar, and by eating and drinking sugary things you are giving the bacteria something to thrive off of.


Avoid sticky foods and foods high in sugar; those are the worst for your teeth! If you do have something sugar and/or sticky, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water, and if possible, maybe even brush your teeth!


The best thing that you and your child can do to avoid dental caries is to teach your child proper oral hygiene techniques and to keep up with your dental checkups. To schedule an appointment, or for more helpful hygiene tips, contact your Keller TX dentist.


Call (817) 741-1240 to contact Dr. Patel. You can even ask about having dental sealants put on your child’s teeth for extra protection. Call today!