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Our Emergency Dentist in Keller TX Shares What to Do Next During a Dental Emergency

It's no secret that a dental emergency is scary, but thankfully, there are professionals like our emergency dentist in Keller TX to assist you and protect your smile.


Dental emergencies can happen at any time and for this reason, Dr. Patel wants to educate his patients so that they remain calm and handle any dental emergency. There are over 10 common dental emergencies and each require their own, unique, responses.


Broken or Fractured Tooth: It is important in this situation to cease the bleeding. Rinse you mouth out with warm water and apply a cold compress outside the affected area as soon as possible. It is important to keep the exposed area clean in order to avoid severe infections. To ease the pain, Dr. Patel recommends his patients take anti-inflammatory medication, not aspirin.


Injury to the Jaw: Apply a cold compress or ice the injured area of your jaw in this type of emergency. Make sure to contact Dr. Patel or go to the emergency room as soon as you can.


Sudden or Severe Toothache: If this suddenly happens, be sure to rinse your mouth out with warm water, and floss all around the irritated tooth. This will reveal if you have something stuck in your mouth that is irritating your teeth, or if you have a more serious issue to be concerned about.


These are only three of the many emergencies that can occur. If you have a dental emergency, be sure to contact our emergency dentist in Keller TX at Esthetique Dental at (817) 741-1240 as soon as possible or make an appointment online.