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Dr. Patel Knows how to Handle a Dental Emergency in Keller, TX


Here at Esthetique Dental we want you to be prepared incase you have a dental emergency, this is why we have our Dental Emergiencies page, but we also have some quick tips here as well. 


If a tooth cracks:

If the tooth or area around the tooth has fractured and it is sensitive, bleeding, swollen or causing mouth irritations you should call our office immediately! 


If a tooth is knocked out: 

If your tooth gets knocked out or dislodged, do not try to stick it back in it's spot. Instead rinse it of dirt and debris and put it in milk. You should then call our office immediately!


If you any other questions about dental emergenices, please call our office at (817) 741-1240 or click here and we will be happy to assist you!


By: Darshan Patel