Eating Disorders & Dental Health | General Dentist Keller TX

General Dentist in Keller TX Discusses Effects Eating Disorders Gave on Teeth

It is typically well known that eating disorders can cause a lot of damage to your body, but did you know that your teeth can be severely affected as well? Your teeth help you to eat, and by not eating properly, our general dentist in Keller TX warns that you can destroy your teeth.


There are 3 most commonly occurring eating disorders: Bulimia, Anorexia, and Binge eating. All three of these disorders have negative effects on the teeth; however, each one affects the teeth differently.


Bulimia typically consists of vomiting after food consumption, and vomit contains a lot of stomach acid. The constant exposure to stomach acid will eventually wear away the enamel which is what helps to protect the teeth. Despite that the enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, consistent exposure to stomach acid can destroy it. This can cause teeth to be brittle, weak, and uneven.


Once enamel has begun to wear, your teeth can become extra sensitive to hot and cold foods. They may also begin to hurt and cause people to feel uncomfortable. The enamel protects our teeth, and if it is worn down, the layer beneath, known as dentin, will begin to show. This will give teeth a yellow appearance.


Not eating properly can also cause the gums to bleed. When mal nourished, or if consuming too much sugar (binge eating), the teeth are more susceptible to bacteria and plaque. This makes the gums extra sensitive and can even cause dry mouth, which as a result, can cause gums to bleed.


If you have an eating disorder it is important to seek professional advice. Eating disorders can result in severe damage to the entire body, including the teeth. If you have overcome an eating disorder, make sure that your teeth are restored and visit our general dentist in Keller TX at Esthetique dental. Call 817-741-1240 to have your teeth checked out.