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Dentist, Keller TX Discusses Electric Versus Manual Toothbrushes


The best dentist, Keller TX, Dr. Patel, discusses with patients the main differences between electric and manual toothbrushes. It is a common misconception that an electric toothbrush is much more effective and better for your dental health. Although this is true in some cases, the manual toothbrush has many added benefits that an electric toothbrush doesn’t have.


Electric toothbrushes are typically more expensive, and some people cannot afford one. For this reason, it is good to know that manual toothbrushes are just as effective, depending on how and if you use them. A manual toothbrush is also a lot easier to travel with. It is not as bulky as an electric one, it is lightweight, and you can take it just about anywhere!


When using a manual toothbrush, people are more aware of the amount of pressure they are putting on their teeth. This helps them avoid putting too much pressure on teeth. It is more difficult to recognize the amount of pressure being applied with an electric brush, and placing too much pressure can wear away at the tooth enamel.


There are, however, some situations where an electric toothbrush has clear advantages. It is highly recommended for those who can’t do a good job with a manual toothbrush. For older people or people who have less manual dexterity, like those who have arthritis, the electric toothbrush may clean more effectively. According to the American Dental Association (AMA), people with limited ability to move their shoulders, arms, and hands can benefit from the larger handle and powered brush of an electric model.


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