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Our Family Dentists in Keller TX Talk about Potential Oral Tumors During Pregnancy

Our family dentists in Keller TX want you to remain relaxed, calm, and worry-free. For this reason, Dr. Patel wants expecting mothers to understand that a pregnancy tumor isn’t something to be worried about. Pregnancy tumors often occur during the 2nd trimester, however, they don’t occur in everyone, only a few women develop them.


If you are an expecting mother and you feel a newly grown bump on your gums, this could be the beginning of a pregnancy tumor. They are typically small bumps but tend to grow quickly. Usually pregnancy tumors are red and bleed easily; however, they may also appear purple.


These tumors can be uncomfortable and are caused by a few things:


  • Inadequate Oral Hygiene
  • Tartar Build-up
  • Physical Irritation of the Area or Trauma (Ex: a cut to the gum)


To prevent the occurrence of pregnancy tumors be sure to brush twice daily, and floss at least once a day. It is also important to attend regular professional dental cleanings as well as dental checkups. If you have a pregnancy don’t worry! Schedule an appointment with our family dentists in Keller TX to have us confirm that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.