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Don’t Let Cavities Permanently Dress Up Your Teeth on Halloween, Says Your Keller TX Dentist


Halloween is only a few days away! As one of the most fun holidays around, family and friends of all ages dress up as their favorite monsters, superheroes, princesses, and animals and get to trick-or-treat for their favorite candies and chocolates. Unfortunately, your teeth are at a huge risk for cavities, decay, and worse. With the help of your Keller TX dentist, we want to share some of the safest Halloween treats to eat (and give away) and what can happen if you’re not careful.


It's no surprise that Halloween just isn’t the same if you’re not indulging in some of your favorite sweets and treats. But we want to ensure that patients of all ages aren’t abusing the holiday and, in turn, their smile. With the extreme sugar rush in sight, think about some of the candies that won’t do a large amount of damage to your teeth, not just for you but for everyone else, too!


Try enjoying or passing out some of these snacks:

· Raisins or other dried fruits

· Small packages of trail mix

· Chips and pretzels

· Animal crackers

· Sugarless gum


Of course, while these may not be the most enjoyable treats, they’re some of the safest! We don’t want to ruin the spirit of Halloween—we just want our patients to have a healthy and happy smile.


All the tasty sweets are the ones that are typically the worse for your smile, so try to monitor how much you’re eating in one sitting. Try to limit yourself to only a few candies throughout your week, perhaps enjoying some at the end of your week as a reward. Your teeth are more sensitive than you think, which is why we want everyone to be cautious about how much you have, both all at once and over an extended period.


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment soon after your Halloween night, give your Keller TX dentist a call at (817) 741-1240 today!