Flossing & Black Triangles | General Dentist Keller TX

Did you spot some dark spaces between the roots of your teeth? They are called black triangles. Not only are they unattractive, but they can also pose a threat to your dental and oral health. This black triangular space was actually filled with a gum tissue that’s triangular in shape. This gum tissue is called papilla. When this tissue recedes or gets lost, black triangles form.


Loss of your gum tissue (papilla) is caused by the following but not limited to:


●       Poor scaling and root planning

●       Trauma or injury to the gum

●       Malpositioned teeth

●       Gum disease

●       Bone loss

●       Gum recession


Does flossing cause black triangles?


Not necessarily. Proper flossing everyday is an important part of a healthy oral routine. However, gum recession from brushing too hard, and / or aggressive flossing can actually cause your gum tissue to recede. Once it recedes, a dark triangular space will then show up.


Treatment for Black Triangles


Treatment varies and depends on what’s causing your gum to recede. If you are experiencing black triangles, you must visit your dentist right away. Your dentist will identify what is causing those black triangles to appear, and he/she will help ensure that your periodontal situation is under control.


If your black triangles are a result of having crooked teeth, dentists will usually fill up the spaces using dental crowns, veneers, or other orthodontics. If your black triangles are a result of receding gums, a procedure called gum rejuvenation will be used by your dentist for treatment. This option allows restoration of your gums, without undergoing any dental surgery.


Black triangles commonly appear as you get older, but they can also develop at any age. Black triangles are more than a cosmetic issue. These spaces allow retention of food particles, making them vulnerable to bacteria buildup and gum inflammation. There are many ways to correct your black triangles. If you want to restore your confidence and a healthy smile, pay a visit to your General Dentist Keller TX, Dr. Patel.