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Foods For Healthier Gums

The health of your gums should be a high priority for everyone. Why? Gums keep your teeth secure and protect the bones in the jaw while battling bacteria in your mouth. Here are some ways to maintain healthy gums, and prevent the dangers that come alongside gums in poor health.

You Are What You Eat


“You are what you eat,” is a saying that holds a lot of truth. There are several foods that people can eat that have been shown to help provide healthy gums. Try to incorporate the following into your diet today:
1. Onions
Onions are great at neutralizing oral bacteria
2. Leafy greens
Most leafy greens are high in Vitamin C, which helps to increase the production of red blood cells and reduce inflammation.
3. Green Tea
Green tea has been shown to help with inflammation throughout the body, including the gums.
4. Shiitake mushrooms
These mushrooms contain lentinan which has been shown to fight against plaque-building bacteria.
5. Celery, Carrots and Apples
These crunchy foods that can help scrape away stuck on foods and plaque present in teeth.
6. Milk, yogurt and cheese:
These foods are not only high in calcium, but a protein called casein. Casein helps to neutralize oral acids produced in the mouth.

Extra Tips to Help your Gums


While eating these foods can be a great help, a person should also ensure they maintain a proper dental routine.
- Brush teeth twice a day, massaging the gum line while you brush
- Floss to remove particles caught between teeth
- Use mouthwash to help rid the mouth of bacteria.
Your gum health should go hand in hand with caring for your teeth.  If you are currently experiencing issues with your gums, schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Keller, TX today.