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Keller TX Family Dentist Advises Patients to Avoid Certain Foods

As a Keller TX family dentist, there are certain foods that Dr. Patel won’t eat. In fact, most dentists probably wouldn’t eat these foods. Dr. Patel wants his patients to have the healthiest teeth possible, which is why he warns against the following foods:


  • Canned Fruits: Fruits aren’t necessarily bad for you, however, typically canned foods have a ton of added sugar!


  • Toasted Bread: If toasted for too long, the bread can become hard. Biting into such a hard food can cause teeth to break.


  • Soda: Soda is one of the worst things for your teeth—even diet soda! It is loaded with sugar and acids that wear down the enamel of your teeth. If you must drink soda, it is better to drink it through a straw.


  • Apples and Carrots: These are the two most common culprits of broken teeth. It is okay to eat carrots and apples, however, since they are so malleable, be sure to cut them into small pieces before consuming.


  • Hard Candy: Although these are typically tiny, sucking these candies exposes your mouth to harsh sugars for longer periods of time.


  • Ice: Sure, ice is sugar-free—but if you tend to chew on the cubes once you’ve finished a beverage, they can cause major damage.


  • Corn on the Cob: Biting into corn that's on the cob can loosen or crack fillings and sealants, and damage orthodontic wires and brackets among patients with braces.


These are just some of the foods to be cautious about while eating, but there are many others as well. Ask Dr. Patel for more information on what foods to avoid. If you have already consumed any of these foods and have damaged your teeth, be sure to contact our Keller TX family dentist and schedule an appointment by calling 817-741-1240!