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Let Your Dentist in Keller TX Give a History Lesson about the Founder of Dentistry, Sir John Tomes!


Since school is right around the corner, a little history lesson never hurt anybody, right? But this isn’t just your normal history lesson—this is about Sir John Tomes, a major figure in the 19th century who turned dentistry from a trade to a profession that we all know and recognize today. He’s a historical figure that isn’t spoken about a lot or really taught in schools, but your dentist in Keller TX wants to give some background and why his work is so important.


In his teenage years, Tomes become an apprentice to Thomas Smith, a medical practitioner in Evesham, England. Some years later, he enrolled as a pupil at King’s College and the Middlesex Hospitals to complete his medical training. Around this time, he was in his early 20’s, succeeding in his field. He was mainly focusing and very interested in studying teeth. With this continuous study, he wanted to become a dentist.


He created a dental practice in 1840 and was also a surgeon-dentist to King’s College Hospital. Not only was he performing dental procedures during this time, but he was also giving series of lectures at Middlesex Hospital that covered the structure and diseases of teeth, along with the different types of dental treatments that were available at the time.


He published two pieces of work; one being his lectures entitled “A Course of Lectures on Dental Physiology and Surgery” in 1848 and his next and last entitled “A System of Dental Surgery” in 1859.


Tomes tried twice and failed in approaching the Royal College of Surgeons in England to recognize dentists as surgeons, but finally succeeded in 1858 to grant a license in dental surgery.


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