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What to Do if You Have Cavities During Your Treatment with Invisalign in Keller TX

There are many misconceptions on the internet regarding the prevalence of cavities if you're in the middle of your Invisalign treatment, but we're here to squash those rumors! In Esthetique Dental, we see treat many patients with Invisalign in Keller TX. From what we have seen, patients tend to be MORE aware of their oral hygiene, and snack on sweets less, which does not cause cavities.


While wearing Invisalign, you should only consume water with the aligners. Any other food or drinks will require that you remove your aligner. After eating, you should be sure to brush, rinse, and floss your teeth before reapplying the aligner.


Additionally, being sure to clean your trays and increase your water intake can go a long way to prevent cavities.


If you take care of your teeth, and your aligners, you should not see any increase in the number of cavities.


By: Darshan Patel


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