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Dental Implants Keller TX discuss Invisalign and Dental Implant: Can You Have Both?

Life difficulties are heavy enough to carry that prevent your smile to shine from time to time. However, a bad set of pearly whites will make it more difficult to flash that smile. Now, do not fret because there are various ways to help restore your stunning smile.


You can opt to fill a missing tooth with a dental implant. In other news, you might also want to straighten your teeth through a treatment called Invisalign.  The confusion begins to spring from here on, what if you desire to get both?


Unknown to many, dental implant and Invisalign are not only possible to happen, but they can actually coexist in harmony. To restore and improve your smile, you may undergo Invisalign pre, during or post a dental implant.


Losing a tooth does not only affect you in the aesthetic realm, but it might also hamper the proper function of your mouth when it comes to chewing food. People often say that it is impossible to get the best of both worlds, but dental implant and Invisalign prove otherwise.


Pre, During, or Post Dental Implant Treatment:


Pre-Dental Implant

One of the key characteristics of dental implants is its longevity and permanence. This key aspect is what makes the process more intricate and high-stake. Considering this, your dentist might suggest that you get Invisalign before having a dental implant so that he/she can better assess the best plan to do.



In other instances, it is also possible for you to get dental implant during Invisalign treatment. As mentioned earlier, your dentist just needs to keep the entire plan in mind considering that dental implants are permanent and cannot be tinkered again once it is placed.



Despite the permanence of a dental implant, it is still possible to work around with the surrounding teeth. Thus, makes it possible for Invisalign to be implanted after a dental implant procedure.