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Keller TX Invisalign Costs

The number one question we receive when patients are considering Invisalign is about the cost. While we firmly believe that your smile and confidence and smile are priceless, we understand the financial concerns! Invisalign even offers a payment calculator, to help you plan for the future. 

How much does Keller TX Invisalign cost?

The cost of Invisalign is not a fixed price and will vary between patients. Some determining factors that contribute to cost: the issues you want to correct, the alignment of your bite, the numbers of aligners used, and the length of treatment. Once you meet with Dr. Patel for your initial consultation, he will be able to estimate the Invisalign cost, as well as the length of treatment.

Invisalign Payment Options

We offer several convenient payment options and discounts to help you pay for your Invisalign treatment including:

-          Flexible Spending Accounts

-          Care Credit

-          Cash

-          $500 Off Invisalign Coupon

-          Insurance

Using Insurance for Invisalign

While not all dental plans cover orthodontic treatment, many that do may also cover partial costs of Invisalign. It is best to speak with your insurance provider to find out how much will be covered under your specific dental plan.

Dental insurance varies from one company to another. There are usually different coverage plans which you can choose from depending on your need. Some have plans designed for individual coverage, and there are those designed for family or group coverage. Knowing what you need it for and how often would help a lot in choosing the right plan for you or/and your family.

Being aware of the features, benefits, or coverage of your dental insurance plan is the best way to take full advantage of it. Most dental insurance policies cover basic services like follow-up visits, cleaning, and x-rays. Some may even cover annual check-ups and a few treatments.

What to do?

For you to know if Invisalign is in fact covered in your dental insurance, the best way is to actually ask your provider about it. Simple enough, right? If your dental insurance is provided by your employer, you may want to check with your Human Resource Department. If you personally have it, then do contact your provider. They know best.

To generally answer this question, most dental insurance plans indeed cover Invisalign and its treatments. However, you still have to be prepared to shell out some money because only a portion of the cost will be shouldered by your insurance company. Invisalign would usually fall under orthodontic care. Orthodontic care is a benefit or feature on most dental insurance plans, and only a small portion of the orthodontic procedure will be covered.

Learn more about the costs and process of Invisalign here on our Invisalign FAQs page, or by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Darshan Patel.