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Dentist in Keller TX Sets the Braces Record Straight

As a dentist in Keller TX who specializes in both cosmetic and family dentistry, we do often see patients of all ages who wish that their smile was a bit straighter than it currently is. While in the past the options seemed to be between either regular metal braces or, well, regular metal braces, many new options are arising in the field of orthodontics as of late. One of the newest and most popular options for aligning the teeth are invisible or clear braces, with products such as Invisalign. The following are some advantages of clear braces, over the standard metal ones, to consider when making your choice for a straightening solution.


The first and most obvious difference between these two options is the aesthetic aspect. Most patients, not just adults, would typically not desire having the metal and bright colored rubber band smile as part of their look. Adding into the fold the ease in which food and other material can become lodged into the braces, and it becomes even less visually appealing. Clear braces provide a cleaner, less messy look while maintaining a higher level of comfort in knowing you are more likely spinach-teeth free.


Speaking of comfort, clear braces also lead the way in that category, as well as in safety. While regular metal braces are adhered to the teeth for years and can only be removed by a dental professional, invisible braces can be removed by the patient, at home, whenever they need. The makeup of the clear braces, a medically approved hardened plastic, is also more customized and better-fitting than the jagged metal braces. The patient is definitely more susceptible to lacerations and pain in the mouth due to the sharp edges and wires in metal braces, and avoiding aches is always a plus.


Lastly, time of treatment is substantially less when it comes to invisible braces. Metal braces are usually worn for about 3 to 5 years, where many times treatments with clear braces can be completed within a year to two years.


Clearly, clear braces have come a long way in bettering traditional orthodontic treatments these past few years, and are a frequent choice for patients of all ages. Make an appointment with your dentist in Keller TX if you believe that straightening with invisible braces may be the best choice for your teeth. Call (817) 741-1240 today!