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Although not a main or always necessary component for your at-home oral health regimen, your top provider of dentistry in Keller TX, Dr. Patel, surely does get a lot of questions concerning mouthwash!


In order to clear up some misconceptions about mouthwash, today we have collected three of the most commonly asked questions about mouthwash and have provided our best answers, all for your benefit!


Is using mouthwash better than brushing?

While just swishing around some mouthwash would be a lot less work than brushing our teeth twice daily, it does not replace the habit of brushing twice daily. Mouthwash can best work in cooperation with your daily brushing habit. Using mouthwash after you brush can further loosen up and eliminate some of the particles and bacteria your brushing and flossing began. Just be careful of how much you use mouthwash. Many of them on the market contain alcohol content that can dry out the mouth and thus end up being detrimental.


Can mouthwash cure bad breath?

Cure probably is not the right word here. Mouthwash can definitely help in some of the activities listed above, alongside your brushing and flossing, to treat bad breath, however. By eliminating leftover food/beverage particles, they do not have a chance to rot in the mouth- causing decay, disease or bad breath. Of course the minty fresh (or whatever flavor) taste will help temporarily clear up your bad breath, yet should not be seen as a cure, but more as an assistant.


Are all mouthwashes the same?

Your top provider of dentistry in Keller TX remembers when all you had to do was choose the yellow or blue mouthwash based upon what it tasted like. Now, all sorts of colors, flavors and purposes exist for mouthwash. There are some that help treat dry mouth, some that help whiten teeth and others that claim to eliminate XX percent of bacteria from the mouth. All these choices mean different ingredients and ways that they can interact with your particular oral health, however. Consult Dr. Patel on what he thinks may be the best mouthwash choice for you before committing to a new one.


If you have more questions concerning mouthwash or anything else oral-health-related for your top provider of dentistry in Keller TX, schedule an appointment to ask Dr. Patel today! Call our office at (817) 741-1240 today!