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Dentist in Keller TX on Stopping Your Chomping

Biting down on hardened surfaces puts the teeth in peril. One of the most overlooked places where this can happen is with the fingernails. This, typically, a nervous tick has implications that are not only physically damaging to the teeth, but also can be harmful on a less-visible level too. Today, your dentist in Keller TX will be discussing both to show how nail biting can be no-good for your mouth.


As previously stated, most patients would think about biting on packaging or popcorn kernels as a dental detriment instead of their fingernails, but it can be just as, if not more harmful. By chewing away you can not only affect the structure of your teeth, but you can add some wear and surface damage to them as well. Prolonged fingernail biting has even been linked to alignment issues and deep cracks to the teeth, which can be achieved with the smallest force, depending on a multitude of factors related to your teeth.


On a more microscopic level, bacteria can damage the mouth and teeth and be spread between fingernails and orally almost too simple.


Think of all the surfaces that we clean on a daily basis to not contaminate ourselves with bacteria. Kitchen counter tops, bathrooms, kids toys, the list goes on and on…and each has their own possible list of germy culprits. Invaders such as E.coli, for example, can be lingering on certain items in your house or workplace and then make it into your mouth and system via nail biting. While some of these viruses or bacteria from the outside-in can be harmless, some DO has the ability to even be potentially fatal.


And what about from the inside-out? Our bodies, especially our mouths, do harvest a plethora of bacteria that can be just as damaging as those in the “outside world.” If you have a cut on your finger or cuticle, you could expose your hands to infections and diseases from oral and internally related issues such as HPV and more, thus suffering the repercussions in new ways.


Whether you chew your nails due to stress, to “groom” or other- it can be a seemingly mindless activity with big time repercussions. Certain forms of behavioral therapy and some devices have been proven as effective forms of stopping your nail biting habit, and can be discussed with your physician or dentist in Keller TX.


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