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Keller, TX Dentist Discusses Toothache Holiday

Did you know that February 9th is National Toothache Day? Whether or not you celebrate, toothaches are a serious complaint affecting many Americans each year. Here’s what you want to know. 
Painful Toothaches
Did you know that some people think a toothache hurts worse than having a baby? Some have even compared it to the pain of passing kidney stones. Thankfully, this is one pain that can be avoided. With proper care of your mouth and regular trips to the dentist, you’ll never need to know the pain of a toothache. 
History of the Holiday
For those that feel the pains of toothaches, you might wonder why there is a dedicated day to bring more attention to it. We agree that it just doesn’t seem natural to give a day “honoring” torment and discomfort. 
While we don’t know the origins of this day, we do recognize the importance behind it. The goal was to teach people how to properly care for their teeth and avoid toothaches in the future. Does it seem at all strange to you that National Toothache Day falls on the same day that Hershey’s Candy was created?
Whether we know the reason behind creating the holiday or not, we can use February 9th as a reminder to take care of our teeth and schedule our bi-annual cleanings. 
Proper Dental Care
To avoid future toothaches, it is imperative that you take the steps necessary to protect your teeth and gums. Here are the actions you need to do on a regular basis:
Brush your teeth twice a day. It is advisable to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
Floss your teeth and gums once daily.
Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.
Drink plenty of water.
Visit your dentist for a cleaning twice a year.
If you’ve been the victim of toothache pain in the past, use February 9th as a reminder to take action in preventing future pains. With the proper care and help from your Keller, TX dentist, you can mark February 9th as the day you celebrate another year without toothache pain.