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Dentist in Keller TX Suggests At-Home Tooth Aids

As a Dentist in Keller TX, our patients constantly ask about what steps they can take at home to prevent tooth and gum disease. On average, about 85% of the population suffer from at least one of these aforementioned issues and less than 5% of them seek formal treatment from their dentist. In order to both fight and prevent these problems from developing when you cannot make it into our office, here are a few home remedies and how they can benefit you and your oral health.


In methods involving prevention and treatment of gum related issues, various oils have proven to be quite successful in a number of ways. Clove oil can help stop bleeding after teeth extraction and when the gums may be bleeding as well. There may be a burning sensation when first applying the oil that makes it unpleasant, but it will soon go away. Mustard oil can also be beneficial if applied to the gums and then washed out with warm water. Its antioxidant properties make it amazing at circulating blood, thus relieving pain.


Lemon juice has certain anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal infections, alongside delivering a healthy dose of disease-stopping vitamin C. Combine the juice with a bit of salt, creating a type of paste and apply it to teeth and gums to begin the process. Wash out with warm water after a few minutes. Take note, while these are two huge benefits, the acidic properties of lemon can also be detrimental to teeth, so be conscious of how frequently you utilize this treatment.


Lastly, Aloe Vera has proven not only to be great for sunburns, but for swollen or bleeding gums. Continue applying the gel on the gums and letting it dry until the issue is resolved.


Though these home remedies may be a temporary fix, all and all, the only way to truly prevent diseases of the teeth or gums from spreading or occurring in the first place is to have consistent, excellent oral hygiene and to make frequent appointments with your Dentist in Keller TX. Call (817) 741-1240 or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment today!