Prone to Cavities | Keller TX Dentist
You can brush your teeth religiously, refrain from all sugary drinks or foods and floss daily but can still suffer from cavities.  It may baffle you to see others who don’t properly care for their teeth, suffer far less than you do.  In these moments, it can make you wonder if you should continue investing so much time into properly caring for your dental health.  There are several factors that put you at risk for cavities other than your dental care.  

What Cause Cavities?

Sugar is a big source in where cavities come from, but it isn’t the only factor to recognize.  There are several other things that can be causing your cavities that you weren’t even aware of.  Some you have control over, while others you don’t.  For example:
- Acidic foods and beverages are capable of eroding the tooth enamel leading to more cavities
- The shape of your teeth can make you more prone to cavities
- If you suffer from GERD, you also have a higher risk of cavities
- The oral bacteria in your mouth determines the difference between more or fewer cavities

How to Prevent Cavities

Now that you’ve seen that some people are more prone to cavities, what can be done to prevent them?  Here are a few tips to keep your mouth healthy:
1. Always maintain proper dental hygiene. Continue to brush your teeth at least twice daily and also floss daily. Using a mouthwash to help control bacteria is also an important step to take.
2. Drink plenty of water to help lower a number of bacteria in your mouth.
3. Visit your doctor for issues like GERD that may be the cause of additional acid in your mouth.  With proper treatment for this condition, you’ll lower the likelihood of suffering from cavities.
4. Be sure to use an enamel-fortifying mouth rinse to aid in a healthy and strong enamel on your teeth.
Most importantly, if you are prone to cavities in your teeth, it is vital that you have routine visits with Dr. Patel, your Keller, TX dentist.  He can help catch any problems before they become major and destructive to your oral health.