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As the best family dentist in Keller TX, Dr. Patel wants to warn parents that certain “healthy” snacks may not be so healthy after all. There are many different snacks that are assumed to be healthy, however, they are not. They may be beneficial for your body, but many of them can be very bad for the teeth.


There are many citrus juices, for example, that are highly acidic. These may be good for the immune system and heart, but they can severely erode your enamel. If you or your child does drink or eat something highly acidic, we recommend washing it down with a nice big glass of water.


The enamel on your teeth protects the inner layer. Once the enamel has worn off our teeth are weak, often appear yellow, and may be extremely sensitive. If extremely severe, the erosion can lead to even worse problems. 


If you consume highly acidic food and beverages, it is recommended to wait at least 20 minutes before brushing your teeth. Highly acidic substances weaken the enamel, and brushing right after consumption can further damage your teeth.


Many people think that almonds are a great and healthy snack, and they are! They can, however, be bad for you if they break your teeth! One way to avoid damaging your teeth from almonds while still enjoying them is to eat crushed or sliced almonds. These taste just as good but are a lot softer!


Eating pickled foods can also damage the teeth, however, certain components of cheese can help counteract this damage.


If you think your teeth may have been damaged from certain foods and beverages you have consumed schedule an appointment at Esthetique Dental today! Call 817-741-1240.