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Keller TX Dentist Advises on When to Change your Toothbrush

Your Keller TX dentist reminds you to replace your toothbrush at least once every three months. A toothbrush is home to thousands of bacteria, and as I gets used, it becomes less and less effective—how can you clean something using something dirty?


It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush once every three months. However, you made need to replace it even sooner than that. Your Keller TX Dentist recommends replacing it as soon as you notice that the bristles have begun to fray.


Replacing your brush when sick:


It’s winter time, and that means it’s cold and flu season. So, do you need to replace your toothbrush every time you get sick? The answer is no! You don’t have to, but it certainly can’t hurt. Your brush can not cause you to get sick again once you have gotten over a cold or flu.


If the idea of germs bothers you, then you can either replaces the toothbrush or even sanitize it! Your Keller TX Dentist recommends letting your brush soak in an antibacterial solution over night to help and kill some of the bacteria.


Storing your brush:


If you don’t take good care of your toothbrush than you may need to replaces it even more often. It is important to keep your toothbrush at a safe distance from the toilet and other brushes. Your Keller TX dentist recommends storing it in an open container and in an upright position.


Storing your toothbrush properly can help to ensure that minimal bacteria can contaminate and live within the bristles. If you aren’t sure the proper ways to store a toothbrush, be sure to ask your Keller TX dentist.


Tips to remember to replace your brush:


Many patients at our Keller TX dentist office claim to have trouble remembering when three months have passed. The ADA recommends visiting the dentist once every 6 months, so you can use that to help you remember when to replace your brush.


We recommend changing your toothbrush around the same time that you visit yout Keller TX dentist for a checkup. You can then change it again either 3 months after that appointment, or 3 months before your next one—whatever is easiest for you to remember!


No matter what, be sure that you replace your toothbrush as often as possible for optimal results. For more information on how to brush, how to store a toothbrush, and how to achieve maximum oral health contact Esthetique dental by calling (817) 741-1240 to schedule an appointment