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Dentists in Keller TX Talk About 2 Different Kinds of Tooth Sensitivity

Our general dentists in Keller TX at Esthetique Dental have had many patients asking questions regarding teeth sensitivity. There are 2 different types of tooth sensitivity: Dentinal sensitivity and pulpal sensitivity.


Dentinal Sensitivity occurs when the middle layer of a tooth is exposed, which may cause other teeth to feel sensitive as well. Typically, this sensitivity is a result of poor oral hygiene, untreated cavities, brushing the teeth too hard, thinning gums, and many other things.

Pulpal Sensitivity occurs when a tooth’s pulp is infected, a tooth sustains a lot of pressure from clenching, a tooth breaks, and from a recent filling.


If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, there are many different toothpaste options you can choose from that help to desensitize the teeth. Be sure to brush with a soft bristles toothbrush because this could be part of the sensitivity cause. If your teeth have been feeling sensitive, it is also a good idea to stay away from highly-acidic foods. These can expose the enamel and cause the teeth to be even more sensitive.


If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, be sure not to ignore it and let it go untreated. Make sure that you attend all of your yearly recommended dental visits, and try using special toothpaste.


If the sensitivity won't go away, be sure to contact our general dentists in Keller TX to schedule an appointment and make sure your teeth are healthy.