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Your Family Dentist in Keller TX Wants to Protect Patients from Unsightly Sores


Mouth sores can be a common occurrence, but that doesn’t stop them from being an annoyance to patients. No matter if it’s something barely noticeable or if it’s providing painful symptoms, mouth sores should always be addressed as soon as possible to your family dentist in Keller TX. We will further discuss how sores can occur, where, and why contacting a professional is necessary.


A couple of common sores that many patients experience are cold sores and canker sores. Although they have similar qualities, they have many differences, too. Cold sores are contagious and are triggered by stress, hormonal changes, and other similar reasons. Once you have experienced a cold sore once, it can live in your body for years and has the ability to show up at any time because of the triggered previously mentioned.


On the other hand, canker sores aren’t contagious and have a different appearance than cold sores. They appear in groups, but there isn’t one known reason that canker sores occur. Stress and hormonal changes are both common factors between the two sores, but canker sores can also appear because of a lack of certain minerals and vitamins in your diet.


When these sores appear, they can come up in any place in your mouth like the insides of your cheeks, on your gums, on the roof of your mouth, below your tongue, on your lips and even on the surface of your tongue. They can be irritated by biting your tongue or cheek, burning your tongue on something hot, using tobacco products, and more.


Addressing these sores to your family dentist in Keller TX, no matter which one it is, is necessary in order to take the proper steps in order to take care of them. Contact our dental office by calling (814) 741-1240 or requesting an appointment online!