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Dentist In Keller on Gum Disease

Your Keller TX Dentist, Dr. Patel, warns patients about the seriousness of gum disease. The more gum disease progresses, the more oral issues you will likely encounter. For this reason, it is important to visit your dentist as soon as you see some early warning signs.


There are certain things that you should look out for, and certain signs that it may be time to visit your Keller TX dentist. If your gums are swollen that may be a sign that you should visit your dentist. If you haven’t done anything out of the usual and they are swollen, this could be the beginning of gingivitis.


If your gums are extremely sensitive, or more sensitive than usual, this could also be a sign that it is time to see your dentist. Sensitive gums may also bleed as a result of flossing or brushing. It is important that you visit your dentist as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of the previous listed problems.


As your gum disease worsens, you may experience canker sores and mouth ulcers. This may cause abscess and pus to build up. Gum disease will eventually weaken your gums and teeth, and as a result your teeth may feel lose.


It is important to be aware of any of these issues. If any of these are a problem for you, be sure to have your dentist take a look. The earlier it is discovered, the easier it will be to reverse the effects.


If you think you may have gum disease, contact Esthetique Dental as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. We also advise visiting your dentist once every six months as recommended. This may help to catch gum disease before you notice any signs whatsoever.


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