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Dentist in Keller TX Warns Against Sports and Energy Drinks

It is often underestimated just how bad sports and energy drinks can be for your teeth, but our dentist in Keller TX, Dr. Patel, wants to ensure that his patients understand just how damaging they can be!


Throughout the recent years, more an more young adults and teenagers have been consuming sports and energy drinks. Many people hope they will have more energy as a result, but they don’t realize the extreme damage these drinks can cause to their teeth. There are other ways of gaining more energy without the consumption of such harmful beverages.


Drinking sports and energy drinks is equivalent to letting your teeth sit in acid. They wear away the enamel of the tooth, which is the hard outer layer. The damage done to the enamel is irreversible, and it can cause dentin to show and cause teeth to appear yellow. It also makes teeth more susceptible to cavities and decay.


A study was conducted in order to determine the extent of damage caused by these beverages, and it was found that after only five days of exposure, the enamel was significantly weakened and destroyed. It was also concluded that energy drinks are twice as bad for your teeth as sports drinks, although both are bad.


Weakened enamel can lead to an assortment of oral issues. It can cause teeth to be more prone to cavities and decay, and it can result in over sensitivity of the bite. Many of our patients often complain of tooth sensitivity, and when reveal that they consume sports and energy drinks, they are surprised to learn the significant damage the drinks can cause.


It is important to avoid these drinks as best as possible in order to keep your smile healthy and happy. If unavoidable, it is recommended to rinse the mouth out with water after consumption and to chew sugar-free gum to help increase saliva flow.


Our dentist in Keller TX also warns to wait at least an hour after consumption to brush your teeth otherwise you can further damage the enamel. If you think your teeth haven been damaged from sports or energy drinks, contact your dentist in Keller TX by calling 817-741-1240 to schedule an appointment.