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Emergency Dentists in Keller TX Shares a Helpful Temporary Toothache Remedy

Have you ever woken up with a toothache in the middle of the night, but not sure if you should call our emergency dentists in Keller TX? Toothaches can be extremely painful, but there’s no need to panic or rush to the hospital. This simple home remedy can alleviate the pain almost 30 seconds after its application. You won’t even need to take an aspirin to ease the pain, all you need to do is use cloves!


Clove oil has long been used by dentists, along with zinc oxide, mixed into temporary fillings and as anesthetic before drugs ever existed. Cloves contain eugenol, a powerful numbing and antiseptic, which instantly stops pain while whipping out any germ in sight.


It is important to use clove oil vs. clove powder or regular cloves because those can be irritating to rub against the infected area. Be sure not to use undiluted clove oil, however, because if not mixed with olive oil I can cause burning and possibly even tissue and nerve damage. To dilute clove oil, mix in a bit of olive oil, and this will create one of the fastest natural pain relievers for a toothache in Keller.


To create and apply the clove mixture, follow these simple steps:


• Rinse your mouth out with room temperature salt water.

• Next, mix 2-3 drops of Clove Oil with ½ teaspoon of Olive Oil.

• Once you create this mixture, soak a cotton ball in it, and then apply it to the sore tooth or gum. You will an almost instant relief, after about 30 seconds. Be sure not to leave the cotton ball there for more than a few minutes!

• If the toothache involves a molar, you can try to gently bite down on the cotton ball, leaving it there for about 3 minutes.


It is important not to leave the infected area exposed to the clove oil for more than a few minutes. DO NOT sleep with it, and don’t apply it on children, pregnant women, and people with blood disorders (Kidney or liver disease, diabetes, etc).


Remember, this is only a temporary solution! Be sure to contact Dr. Patel as soon as possible. If you have a toothache, don’t let it go untreated, call our emergency dentists in Keller TX at (817) 741-1240 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible!