Thanksgiving Treats for Happy Teeth | Keller TX Dentist

Many of us will spend the Thanksgiving holiday with numerous food choices available to us. Unfortunately, many choices might not be the healthiest options for our pearly whites. It is simple to create a Thanksgiving meal filled with tooth-friendly foods. Here are some we recommend.


Snacks & Appetizers


Feed your body with these amazing appetizer choices:

· Cheese Cubes – contains calcium which strengthens the teeth. It also features casein which is a protein known for fortifying the tooth surface.

· Nuts – contain calcium and minerals that remineralize and strengthen the teeth. It will also help to produce additional saliva which fights off decay and germs.

· Raw Vegetables – this produces extra saliva to wash away the bacteria found in your mouth. Consider using celery because the strands help to clean between the teeth.




With your turkey dinner, you might want to consider adding some green beans sautéed in sesame oil. Green beans are rich in minerals which build stronger teeth. In addition, sesame oils have been shown to reduce the effects of plaque.




With all the choices available at the party, it can be hard to make wise decisions, but your mouth will thank you for it. Consider drinking some tap water which contains fluoride. This mineral helps to reverse the damage done to the enamel caused by acids and sugars.

You could also opt for green or black tea which has been shown to kill bacteria. Maybe you want to drink some tea made from tap water to reap rewards from both!




Do you want a dessert that everyone loves plus it is good for your teeth? Try slicing some fresh pears and arranging them on a platter. Then, you can serve it with a dip made from Greek yogurt, honey and ground cinnamon. The pears neutralize acids while the calcium in the yogurt remineralizes the teeth. On top of that, honey is known to be a natural antiseptic.

All of these foods won’t just make your mouth happy, but they are also good for your body. You can enjoy a yummy dinner without gaining any more weight or ruining your teeth.


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