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Learn about the Origin of Dental Impalnts, Keller TX

Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark may be a man of mystery to many, except maybe your friends here at Esthetique Dental, who specialize in dental implants, Keller TX. And while his name is unfamiliar to most, his research and the field he innovated could be an essential part of your smile.


Dental implants and the usage of foreign, synthetic materials (titanium, predominately) in reconstructive and reparative procedures were not very common topics before Dr. Brånemark released some of his findings at a Canadian Dental Conference in 1982. 


While not the founder of Osseointergration (binding living tissue to implant) practices, Brånemark spent a majority of his life practicing it and proving naysayers of these innovations wrong. In nearly thirty plus years of research, the Doctor found approaches to dealing with issues we do not even blink twice at anymore in the modern era.


At the forefront of his findings were ways to replace lost teeth permanently and anchor full-sets of dentures. These procedures aimed at giving back to patients what sometimes can be taken for granted: the chewing, digestion and actual feeling of our food.


In due time, his research was built upon by other great minds in the dental field to help innovate these procedures even further. Partial denture treatments, single tooth replacement and supporting dental bridges are just a few of the other creations that stem originally from Dr. Brånemark’s landmark work.


It is because of his dedication that today we know that a tooth replacement can really be a true replacement, rather than temporary.


Dr. Brånemark understood the importance of giving the patient back confidence, comfort and stability in their smile, something we at strive for with all our patient’s dental implants, Keller TX.


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