The Don'ts of Oral Hygiene | Keller TX Dentist

Keller TX Dentist Shares The Don'ts of Oral Hygiene

Like most people, you should be brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. You do this to prevent things like cavities and tooth erosion. Furthermore, flossing and using an antibacterial mouthwash will help keep your mouth in good shape.
These are all great ways to ensure a clean mouth and happy teeth, however, there are a few things that you shouldn't ever be doing with your teeth.
Always Remember Safety First
Do you play sports? Do you use a mouth guard? If you answered yes to both, great job! However, if not, you should maybe think of investing in a mouth guard.  There are many different styles of mouth guards available to suit your needs. 
You can find boil-and-bite mouth guards at local sporting goods stores or visit your dentist for a custom mouth guards created specifically for you. The custom mouth guard is recommended because it is an exact fit and is more comfortable to wear, however, a boil-and-bite mouth guard will protect your teeth and is better than nothing at all.
Never Use Your Teeth as Tools 
Many people use their teeth to open bags of potato chips or even to twist a cap off a bottle of soda. These are major things to avoid at all costs. When you use your mouth instead of a pair of scissors or a bottle opener, you could cause damage to your teeth and end up in the dentist’s fixing a totally avoided problem. 
Although using your teeth may be easier or faster, it can cause many different problems such as chips, cracks, or even fractures in the tooth. In serious cases, a broken tooth may even have to be pulled. This means that the tooth is permanently gone and will need to be replaced with an implant or fake tooth. 
Piercing No-No's 
Lip, cheek, and tongue piercings are growing in popularity in today's culture and many younger people are getting these piercings without knowing the risk that they represent. While the best thing to do is not get any type of piercing near your teeth, people are still going to do it if it’s something that they want. Therefore, if you’re getting one of these piercings, you should know and understand the risks that come along with it. 
Studs and ring piercings can cause complications with your mouth, which can include infection, bleeding, swelling of the tongue, and swelling of other nearby tissue. These piercings can also cause issues with your teeth since they often rub against your them and can cause fractures or even gum recession, which will eventually lead to tooth loss.
Don't Over Bleach 
Bleaching your teeth at home or with your Keller TX dentist is a safe way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. However, there is no proven limit as to how much whitening is too much. Although there is known limit, it is believed that bleaching too often can cause pitting and even nerve damage. Always, be sure to read and follow the instructions properly and make sure to stop using the product if you notice any irritation around your gums.