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Dentist in Keller TX Explains the Different Parts of a Tooth

Your dentist in Keller TX has had many patients that take their teeth for granted. Our teeth let us perform thousands of daily functions; smiling, talking, laughing, chewing, etc. Our teeth are vital to our overall health and success and we should treat them as such.


Most people don’t know much about their teeth other than the fact that it is important to brush and floss them. Did you know that there are different parts that make up a tooth? Each part as its’ own function!


Different parts that make up a tooth:


The enamel is the visible part of the tooth—the outer layer which covers the crown of the tooth. Enamel is a substance that is harder than bone and protects the teeth from decay. It is made up of phosphorous and calcium.


Underneath the enamel is the inner layer, referred to as dentin. Dentin is calcified and looks similar to bone. It is a hard material; however, it is not as hard as the enamel so it is at risk of decay once the enamel has been worn away.


Another portion of your tooth, known as the cementum, is the tissue that covers the tooth root and helps to cement it into the bone. This tissue is softer than both dentin and enamel. The best way to care for this portion of your tooth is to floss and take care of your gums!


The final portion of your tooth, known as the pulp, is found at the center and contains blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues which deliver nutrients. You dentist in Keller TX often removes the pulp during root canal treatments.


All of the different tissues in our teeth perform their own function. They are all important to the health of a tooth, and it is important to care for each one. For more information on your teeth, or to schedule an appointment for a checkup or other procedure with a dentist in Keller TX call (817) 741-1240.