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Your Dentist in Keller TX Wants Patients to Know Why We Care!


Your oral health matters more than many patients may think, but it’s something that’s widely ignored because these appointments are seen as inconvenient and annoying. These myths keep patients from making their appointments in the first place, letting their teeth slowly but surely suffer. Your dentist in Keller TX is here to breaks those myths and to tell patients why we want to take care of your smile!


Why Brushing & Flossing Matter
A majority of your dental care is done at home, so that’s why it seems like we’re “bothering” you about it so much. A lot of patients don’t go to the dentist because they don’t think that their teeth are in need of any work, but that’s only half the battle! Going to the dentist ensures that your dental care is on its way to being in top shape, so brushing and flossing need to be done everyday, in the morning and at night!


Your Smile Needs to be Healthy, Not Perfect
Just because you don’t have the smile that your favorite celebrity has doesn’t mean that your smile is lacking by any means. Everyone’s smile is unique to themselves, so your dentist will help you work on your own. Perfection should be personal to each individual, so as long as your teeth are healthy, then they’re perfect!


If Something is Wrong, Tell Us!
We’re only here to help, we promise! Don’t be afraid to tell us if there’s something wrong if we haven’t already addressed it yet. If you have toothaches when you wake up, you may be grinding your teeth, but it’s better to tell your dentist about it instead of possibly waiting for them to say it. This time with your dentist is time that they’re dedicated to you, so use it wisely!


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