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Keller TX Dentist Wants Patients to Get the Best Brush—Literally!


Many patients don’t think of how important it is to choose the right toothbrush, along with the proper way of taking care of it. Thinking long and hard about a toothbrush may seem silly, but it’s certainly important! Picking the right toothbrush is necessary because it’ll be cleaning the bacteria off of your teeth, so it’ll have to be a good one! Your Keller TX dentist, here at Esthetique Dental, wants you to pick the right toothbrush and take good care of it.


When you’re looking for a toothbrush, there are certain factors you need to consider: are your teeth sensitive? How was your last toothbrush? Does it hurt to brush? As you pick your toothbrush, you’ll want one with a small head and rounded bristles. People occasionally think that the bigger the toothbrush, the more work it’ll do, but that work depends on you! If you have a big toothbrush head, then it might be difficult to reach those tough spaces in the back of your mouth. It’ll feel uncomfortable and you’re more likely to ignore those parts, which isn’t good to do. If you’re able to see the bristles up close, check to see if they’re rounded. This will be helpful when you brush because it won’t hurt and it’ll be gentle against your gums and surface of your teeth.


The color, handle and grip of your toothbrush is all personal preference, so once you’ve picked the right one, your next steps are to remember how to properly take care of your brush.


After you’ve brushed your teeth, thoroughly rinse the brush under water. Scrub your thumb over and through the bristles gently so you’re able to release any bacteria that may be lingering there. Some people like to soak their toothbrushes in mouthwash or another type of disinfecting solution, but it isn’t necessary. When you’re ready to put away your brush, leave it somewhere out in the open where it can air dry. Don’t put it near another brush where the two can touch, or cross contamination could occur, even between family members.


Sharing toothbrushes is a terrible idea, so get it out of your head, fast! No matter if it’s a family member, a close friend, or even a spouse, their bacteria is not your own, so it’s simply an easy way to cause sickness. No matter how much you care for that other person, don’t use their toothbrush and don’t let them use yours, either.


When it’s been about three to four months, it’s time to scrap that brush and get a new one. While your old brush may still look good as new, there’s still wear and tear present, not allowing your teeth to be as clean as they could be with a new brush. Besides, we’re sure there’s another toothbrush out there that you’ll love just as much as the last.


If you’re interested in learning more toothbrush types, don’t hesitate to contact your Keller TX dentist by calling this number 817-741-1240 or clicking here to request an appointment. If you’re stuck on choosing the right brush for you, just ask your dentist!