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Dentist in Keller TX Protects Your Teeth

Your dentist in Keller TX knows you mean well when it comes to your oral health upkeep and that no one is perfect. Sometimes you may miss one of your two daily brushings, or skip flossing every once and a while- it is a normal thing to expect. Even with all of your diligence put into cleaning your teeth at home, however, there could be some behaviors you engage in that, unknowingly to you, are doing your teeth harm. Today we will be looking at a few of those oral hygiene behaviors so that you can recognize and avoid them.


First, it is a common misnomer that as soon as you are done eating, you should be brushing your teeth. In fact, you should be waiting some 30 minutes after eating so that you aren’t brushing the acids and sugars you just ate INTO the teeth instead of OUT of the teeth. Allow your saliva to come in and do its part after eating before you head to cleaning. Also, try flossing before brushing instead of after, so that much of the debris is already loosened up.


When you get to the brushing itself, make sure to never use a hard bristle toothbrush. Those should be only kept for scrubbing objects, not your teeth, as they can cause serious damage to the gums and surrounding areas. Use a soft to medium bristle brush and never use excessive force, as the actual amount of pressure needed to thoroughly clean the teeth is not very high.


Lastly, when finishing brushing, try not to rinse with water. By swishing around some H20 it may help you feel more “clean” but you are actually removing the leftover fluoride and toothpaste that can still be doing some good in prevention, even after your regimen is complete.


By keeping a dedicated at-home oral health regimen and regular appointments with your dentist in Keller TX, you can maintain a smile that lasts you a lifetime.


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