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Family Dentist in Keller TX Shares Dangers of DIY Braces

There’s a new trend among children that parents need to be aware of. They are using paper clips, rubber bands and fishing wire to create DIY braces. This isn’t just dangerous but ultimately leads to the teeth falling out. Not only are rubber bands full of bacteria, but they also cut into the gum. The bacteria enters into the bloodstream and leads to severe infections. 
You must keep a close eye on your children to ensure they aren’t participating in this new fad. 
Risks of DIY Orthodonture
There are several mail-order companies promoting a DIY process for straightening misaligned teeth. This is attractive to patients because they can avoid the dental visits and payments. The American Association of Orthodontists says this is the number one reason parents should be alarmed. Anything that claims to straighten your teeth without the supervision of a dentist is a need for concern.
To properly straighten a smile, you need x-rays and regular checkups. That’s why the AAO filed complaints with attorney generals and state dental boards over these companies.
The customers of the do-it-yourself products are already complaining about a worsened bite alignment, ill-fitting gear and chipped teeth. While this route may appear to be a quick fix, what is the overall cost you’ll end up paying?
Why Dentistry Belongs to the Dentist
It’s mind-blowing that people attempt techniques that only a dentist should provide. The appeal of having a quick fix allures many consumers, but it’s not worth what will happen. Nowadays, braces are capable of straightening some smiles in as little as six months. There are also tooth-colored wires and invisible options so you don’t need to fret over your appearance.
If your smile isn’t that crooked, you might even opt for veneers instead. These are an excellent solution for chipped, worn and otherwise stained teeth. Don’t risk losing your teeth to DIY dentistry. Allow your smile to be transformed by the power of a professional dentist. Give your family dentist in Keller, TX a call today and schedule a consultation to see how your teeth can look even more glamorous.