See Why Veneers Make Us Smile with Our Cosmetic Dentist in Keller TX

As a leading cosmetic dentist in Keller TX, we see a variety of patients interested in different procedures that can help correct cosmetic issues related to their teeth. We believe that by transforming the smile, we can transform the whole patient, leaving a positive impact on their lives. To achieve this, we dedicate ourselves to staying current in the newest techniques available to give the patient just what they need.


One of these fairly newer techniques (in comparison to the grand scope of dentistry) involves using tooth colored, wafer thin shells called Veneers. These porcelain or composite resin shells are applied to the front of the teeth to enhance the overall shape, size and shade of the teeth.


Veneers have a variety of circumstances in which they can be utilized as an effective form of treatment for patients. If the teeth have become discolored due to age or dietary choices, a set of veneers can be applied to cover said teeth. In cases involving teeth placement, such as teeth that are crooked or have spaces between them, veneers can be used to cover some of the space or correct the misalignment. In the unfortunate event that you should break or chip a tooth, veneers can also be sought as a means of concealment.


While having the ability to correct or disguise the above dental issues, veneers also have many other advantages. In correlation to the issue of appearance of the teeth, veneers do not stain overtime, endlessly maintaining a natural teeth look. They also are scratch resistant and long lasting, having an average lifespan of at least a decade typically, all because of their very-durable nature and makeup.


At Esthetique Dental, our cosmetic dentist in Keller TX offer our patients various dental procedures for their smile to be at its best. For all the reasons above and more, veneers are a growingly popular decision- and could be the one for you.


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