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Dentist in Keller TX on Knot-Tying Ready Teeth

As the winter slowly turns to spring, another season too arrives, with the focus of a ring…


Yes that’s right, wedding season is right around the corner, and your dentist in Keller TX is here to supply you with some information on services we offer that can help give you your best smile ever for it. No matter if you are tying the knot yourself, are a best man, bridesmaid, a date or just crashing a wedding- your gorgeous grin could end up in tons of photos or be the doorway to making some new friends. Below you will find information on three sets of procedures, listed in relation to how long you have until the big day(s).


You and the soon-to-be mister or misses are planners. You wanted to make sure in a year or two the wedding is perfect, with everything straightened out and in order. Well, why not make that include straightening your teeth as well? With Invisalign, more patients than ever before are seeking orthodontic treatment, all without the “mouth full of metal” look. By rotating through a set of removable, clear, medically approved hardened plastic containers that adjust your teeth little by little, you can see a full treatment completed within just a year or two.


What if you have less time to prepare though? You recently suffered an accident and are missing a tooth now, and just cannot have a gap in your smile while you stand next to your best friend who is being married. Thanks to dental implants, in just about 6 months you can have a fully functioning, real looking tooth (or teeth) placed to supplement the missing ones. By using titanium posts that bond to our natural tissue, in this few step process you will see results that are not only long lasting, but are the most stable and “real life feeling” replacement that you can get.


Lastly, when really pressed for time- what are your options? You just got asked last minute to be someone’s date to a wedding in a month, but you have never been a fan of the color of your teeth. By heading into the office of your dentist in Keller TX, you can receive teeth whitening treatments right then and there, or purchase at-home care kits to brighten your smile fast and easily.


For more questions on all of these procedures, or to make an appointment with your dentist in Keller TX- please give a “ring” to (817) 741-1240 today!