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New glass-based fillings are as strong as traditional fillings. They’re commonly utilized for several cavities including front tooth fillings, inlay filling cementation, and general tooth fillings. A glass ionomer filling is a new type of white dental filling. Glass ionomer fillings are created from a natural-looking substance that is designed to discreetly fill teeth gaps. The substance is cream in color and is made from a mixture of fluoroaluminosilicate or glass particles, acrylic, and setting agent.


Advantages of Glass Ionomer Filling:


No prior preparation

No preparation is needed prior to being fitted with a glass ionomer filling. Before inserting the filling, your tooth must be cleaned and dried thoroughly. Your tooth is then isolated, and a solution is placed on its surface to bond the filling to the tooth. To give a natural finish, a polish is applied to your tooth.


No pain during the process

Glass ionomer fillings can be directly inserted into the decayed tooth. In fact, the filling can be bonded to the tooth without using pins, adhesive, or blue light. This reduces the chances of experiencing pain during the process.


They form a chemical bond with your teeth

Different from a traditional silver amalgam filling, a glass ionomer filling forms a chemical bond with the teeth. This reduces the risk of damage or decay.


No harmful substances

Glass ionomer fillings don’t carry any harmful substance. They’re a good alternative for people who are concerned about traditional fillings.


They release fluoride

Glass fillings release fluoride onto your teeth over time which prevents further tooth decay.


Inserting a glass ionomer filling indeed requires very little preparation. However, it takes time to complete a glass ionomer filling as each layer needs to be bonded individually. This type of filling is also slightly weaker as compared to other traditional filling. This filling may not be suitable for biting surfaces. Nevertheless, a well-maintained filled tooth can last for 5 years or even more.